Cypress Bowl, above West Vancouver
I've spent the majority of my adult life living the mobile lifestyle in various converted vans and RV's. In fact, I moved into a full-size Dodge campervan at age 16 and lived at the beach without a care in the world, partying with friends daily, doing odd jobs to fill the gas tank and stock the mini fridge.

The main draw being the freedom and lifestyle....just turn the key whenever I want a new view, or go on a trip. Over the years I experimented with various Class B van motorhomes, a couple of Class C's, a large Class A, and yep even paying rent (gasp) in apartments when I had temporary lapses in good judgment.

Over a decade and a half later, I'm still fulltiming on wheels. I feel much happier when I have less things in life. Less stuff, more happiness. Who the hell needs five rooms, two TV's and storage lockers full of junk they never use? Spending the majority of your life working for a house you aren't even occupying 9-5 for 5 days a week or more is truly assinine in my opinion. Is that really why we're on this planet?

Meet Purple Haze
A home is not defined by whether it's sitting on a concrete foundation or on rubber wheels or floating on water. It's also not determined by size. Home is a place that you can call yours and you feel comfortable in, whether that be a mansion, a tiny home, a treehouse, a boat, an RV or a does not matter.

So here I am, city dwellin' in my newest RV, a 21' Class B motorhome. You can check it out here. I am heavily customizing it as I have with previous RV's. But this time I decided to share it with the world...and to my pleasant surprise I am not the only one on YouTube doing this, it is in fact a large and fast growing community of mobile home dwellers all over the world. Each and every one of them discovering that there is more to life than commuting and slaving to pay for stuff they don't even need their entire lives, and hoping one day they'll get a 2 week vacation from their rat race jobs. House with white picket fence and two cars? No thanks!

I get lots of questions about the lifestyle, from newbie vandwellers to seasoned veterans alike. So I put together an FAQ page to answer some of them the best I can. Clcik the menu buttons on top of the page to view real-time feeds from my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I also post many links on this page to other RV living resources on the web. Join me on my YouTube channel at JUSTINCREDIBLE.TV, spread the freedom. There's enough to go around, just grab some and make it yours.

Keep on rockin' in the free world.


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